Monday, March 5, 2007

Reviewed: Hand Dryers

So what if I claim to be a friend to the earth, I hate hand dryers. They take forever to dry your hands (is using 30 seconds of electricity worse than using 14 inches of paper towels?), and because bathrooms usually only have 1 or 2 you don’t get the luxury of taking the time to get your hands dry. You know, the social responsibilities of taking turns. On the other hand (ha! awesome pun!) it’s always fun to see the ever-present hand dryer vandalism--push butt(on), rub hands under (w)arm hair—and air-drying leaves the skin feeling freshly clean and soft. It just sucks when the person before you didn’t have the social responsibility to spend the time and you grab a wet germy doorknob.

23 Stars.

1 comment:

Bear said...

the ones around here often say "push butt. rub han s gently under arm" or something

or after the last step they have written, "wipe hands on pants."

how clever.