Thursday, March 8, 2007

Reviewed: Wasting Time on Bad Re-Runs to See Two Characters Get Together and Then Realizing It Wasn’t Worth It

It happened. And it was bad. Katie Holmes’ performance of Joey’s love declaration to Pacey (which was preceeded by a 10 minutes too long scene of Dawson telling her to go and then crying like a 9-year old as she leaves. Less is more, people, less is more) is super awful. Furthermore, Joey’s lines are like, “I knew I loved you the moment you kissed me” and the kiss is cold fish, man.


The only entertainment I got from this final scene at Pacey’s boat as he’s about to set sail, the culmination of weeks of buildup between these two, was pretending that Joey’s “permission to board” line was a sudden kinky turn. But even then, I can hear the writer’s sighing as they wrote this scene, “Isn’t she cute?” (I hope they went on to see their careers fail miserably.)

5 Stars. I am now freed from my 9am weekdays addiction.

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