Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reviewed: Frye Boots

Yes, I have enjoyed the fashion era of boots, and yes, winter is ending. However, I still really feel like boots will carry over through the summer. Just in case they don’t (and you know even if they don’t I’m still wearing them, just like those girls that can’t give up on their Uggs) I must express my love for my Frye boots.

Because of Frye boots, I completely understand cowboys now. It’s like something you can see on screen in Clint Eastwood’s eyes; he loves his boots. Boots are like the best of old friends; they keep you warm and safe and you can wear them with skirts or pants. The Frye Company completely gets it! Their boots have trustworthy spirits, plus other Frye-wearers on the subway totally check out your style.

Oh, my Frye Campus Boots in Distressed Brown Leather (see pic), I give you 95 Stars.


Anonymous said...

Those are some cool boots.

fin said...

I love them too. They make such a cool sound when you're walking on hardwood floors.