Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do You Like Stuff? Do You Hate Stuff?

Starred Review is now accepting guest reviews. Send us your reviews at Please no attachments, just copy and paste into the body of the e-mail. Nothing over 500 words (although, even 400 words is pushing it so keep that in mind. Short attention spans, people.) Rate on a scale of 1-100 stars. And remember, we will be judging your work mercilessly.

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Anonymous said...

Reviewed: Starred Review blog

I like stuff. I hate stuff. I like to see what stuff other people like and hate. Sometimes it helps me to learn more about myself and what I like and hate. And sometimes it's just good for a laugh.

I won't be submitting any of my own entries (ergo, I won't be mercilessly judged, or will I?), so here in your comment section is my humble review.

90 stars.