Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reviewed: Guerilla Warfare at the Apple Store

Publicizing your blog can be an annoying and uncomfortable task, so we decided to take different measures, i.e. plastering our blog on all available computers at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. We got two pages up before Michael, the iPod tech, said, “What are you doing?” Our plan failed for a number of reasons: 1) we’re pretty much cowards, 2) we easily get bored with ourselves, and 3) everyone is more eager to check out Mac computer performance than to stand there and read our blog. Michael didn’t even seem as interested in our reply as he was in standing around looking hip. We did, however, succeed in snagging this incredible photo of our temporary handiwork and super cool Michael off to the side working his Applepack, pretending not to pay attention.

19 Stars, only because we overheard in the elevator, “Does this store even have a name?”

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