Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Reviewed: Dawson Leery on TBS

Last year I didn’t have cable, so I was spared the 9am EST weekday re-runs of Dawson’s Creek, but now the show falls perfectly into my breakfast-eating/tv-watching time and I have unwittingly become enslaved by the Joey/Pacey love affair (why is it so necessary that I find out how they finally get together?!) The thing that most enrages me about my unwitting addiction is the annoying, whiney, irritating movie dork Dawson Leery. Yes, I have a weakness for young adult dramedies (see previous unexplainable and humiliating obsessions with The O.C., Felicity, Boy Meets World and Sister, Sister) but none of those had a Dawson.

For one, chokers were so 1995, not 1998. Get with it, dude. Fashion faux pas aside, Dawson has this lack of humility that I suspect owes to his secret everlasting belief that Katie Holmes is still in love with him, when everyone watching knows that she’s too attractive for Dawson. Of course Pacey gets the girl. He’s an interesting character; he loves kids and boats. Dawson just sits around and rearranges the posters in his bedroom and tries really really hard to be cool. He tries so hard that it embarrasses me, and I'm just sitting on the couch with Cheerios.

12 Stars. Sometimes I start to wonder why it bothers me so much. Am I like Dawson and everyone is afraid to tell me? It's a really frightening thought.

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