Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Reviewed: Going back to the old way

For so many years I did not like my mom’s style of making PB&J, but lately I’ve been making them her way—heavy on the jelly, heavy on the peanut butter. I finally figured out what is important in this seemingly simple sandwich. It’s not the jelly (although I use Polander All Fruit and it’s delicious) or the peanut butter (I use natural organic, ditto on the delicious) but the bread. The bread is the secret of the sandwich. Think about it, it’s 1/3 of the makeup, and unlike the two other ingredients, has the highest perishability factor, and therefore is the most important in terms of quality. Going old school would mean Wonderbread, but I’ve found that it’s like a sponge in a puddle in terms of jelly-soak. Go healthy instead, trust me, and get a bread like Oatmeal or 9-Grain (7-Grain works too, but avoid 12-Grain.)

71 Stars. I love my mom, but I’ll never eat baloney and mayonnaise sandwiches again.

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