Friday, February 16, 2007

Reviewed: Not Getting a Parking Ticket (in a snow covered lot)

Finding a parking spot only a few blocks from my class' building was easy. I would show up about 15 minutes before class, pull into a metered spot, drop some coins in, and head to class. Today, however, was an entirely different scenario. All of the metered spots were taken leaving only non-metered, permit required, will be ticketed or towed spots. What to do? I pulled into a the vacant spot right next to the row of metered spots, deciding getting a ticket was better than legally parking somewhere else, walking in eight feet of snow, and ending up late to class for my efforts. I trudged back to my car after class and looked all around for a ticket. There wasn't one under the windshield wiper or in the crack where the hood meets the body, or even on the ground. I did it. I tricked the meter maid. She thought I was in a legally paid for metered spot. I won this round and if I had to do it again, I probably would. Overall, not getting a ticket rates 95 stars. It loses five because I was worried all class about the ticket that wasn't there.

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