Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reviewed: Nike Dri-Fit Soccer Socks

So, I am just going to assume you live in one of the many, many areas ravished with snow, ice, and bone-chilling winds. As I was layering up the other morning I kept thinking about what I could wear to keep my calves warm. Then it dawned on me to put on a pair of soccer socks. They far surpass regular socks because they are thicker, taller, and have a super tight yet comfortable elastic band at the top. This prevents that annoying slipping down that happens with most socks when you try to pull them up as high as they will go in attempts to keep the wind off your freshly shaved legs. The minute that wind hits, your legs turn to goose-bump city, sending chills up and down your body second only to the pain when your leg begins to "wake-up" after falling asleep. These socks are especially handy if you wear boots because, again, they don't fall down and cause your leather boot to touch skin and kind of stick to it. Or is that just me?

92 stars. After all, you are wearing soccer socks to places other than a soccer field. Also, sometimes once entering a building where the temperature is regulated it can be a little much. You could also be the start of a new trend, especially with Beckham in the States now.

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