Monday, February 26, 2007

Reviewed: (Insert Store Here) Gift Cards

Gift cards have enjoyed a rising popularity for sure, but count me out. I am officially jumping off the bandwagon. As gifts, I’ve found that after the initial joy of the “just like money!” feeling I become unusually tense with store gift cards. They begin to control my life. Before I journey out to the store in question, I sit for hours at my computer comparing prices on the different products I could possibly use the card on. Should I go with a new DVD or a new CD? Is jewelry a better investment than clothes, considering the upcoming season change? Do I want lotion or pants? Candy? Then I try to figure out what the best day and time would be to get to the store. I plan my route—subway or bus? Wednesday or Saturday? Do I want company or should I go alone? And what if the card is accidentally blank? What if I spend all but $1.27?

The whole process just makes me realize that I am not stable. Then I eat some M&Ms and watch Party of Five on DVD.

50 Stars. They work for some people.

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