Friday, February 16, 2007

Reviewed: Calvin Klein Firm Support Down Alternative Pillow

I got a new pillow. I should have known it sucked the first night when I laid down and my head was about 4 inches higher than my husband's. It felt like my head alone was literally sitting up. That night I had a dream about the woods near my childhood home--normally a pleasant place full of peaceful nature--but it was full of spider nests, wasp nests and snake nests and as I navigated through they all were falling on me. The spiders were these long, white ones hanging from udders. After that frightening sleep I woke feeling like my spine had been glued to a popsicle stick and if I moved my head it might snap off. Therefore, I give this pillow 13 stars (getting points for the fact that it is a pillow, and has a fairly nice-looking covering, and also because anything less than 10 stars would be a burlap sack stuffed with horse poo)

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