Monday, February 19, 2007

Reviewed: A Friend Goes Twosies in Your Bathroom

Joe used to make his friends drive home if they had to. But yesterday, a friend from out of town said, during a lull in the conversation, “I kind of have to go to the bathroom again.”

I said, “So go.”

“It’s number two,” he said. “But I noticed that your bathroom is equipped with a fan.”

I told him fine, as long as he lit a candle. (We have one in there. A fan can only do so much, and is not good for short-term remedy.) Before he made his way to the bathroom he said, “See? Now I know we are good friends.” It took about 5 minutes, giving me plenty of time to check my e-mail and voice messages. Afterwards, we had snacks. He even went back after sufficient time had passed to turn off the fan, saving electricity.

25 Stars, because really, how can it be more, and that’s only because I added 10 stars for slipping in the sneaky “good friend” compliment.

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