Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reviewed: California Dreams Theme Song

For one thing they were a real band, AND the soundtrack to the show is available for $43 at Amazon.com. This song and accompanying sitcom made the phrase “surf dudes with attitude” infamous. It was sung by the original two cast members, the Garrison siblings, and then in later seasons when NBC realized they weren’t attractive enough, lead vocals were taken over by Jay Anthony Franke (Jake! Bad boy! Motorcycle jacket!) and Jennie Kwan (Samantha Woo!). The best thing about this band/show was, unlike Zach Attack, the actors were actually musicians and the drummer Tony sang, too, while playing the drums with big muscles! “…kinda groovy…laid back moods…” It’s in your head now, isn’t it.

99 Stars. Check out the lyrics here and watch the video here

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