Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reviewed: Rachel Ray's Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle in Green

A few months ago I received the cookware set consisting of pots and pans. They are really pretty to look at and make me feel like a person who cooks dinner rather than ordering in for almost every meal. By this point I have used each piece at least once and have found they do cook evenly and nothing sticks to the bottom. In order to protect the paint and non-stick coating they must be hand washed. This is a drawback to using them. Despite this, I became obsessed with getting the rest of the set and making restaurant-quality grilled cheese sandwiches. My prayers were answered and I received the griddle/grill for Christmas.

Boy, was I disappointed! The main reason to have this expensive cookware is the looks, and my griddle came with the majority of paint chipped off the corners. When I picked it up to inspect the damage more paint chips fell into my lap. Since the griddle was a gift from Rusty's parents I did my best to hide the bare corners and then quickly put it in the cupboard with the rest of the set. Although they had purchased it for me, they did so over the internet with the help of R-Man. If it were to be returned we would be the ones to do it, therefore there was no reason to upset them.

In the end we decided to just keep the busted up thing because we wouldn't have to be careful with it. After grilling or griddling I could just throw it in the dishwasher rather than scrubbing it with my baby soft hands. 

Also, I wanted a sandwich. 

So far we've made some grilled cheese, grilled some pork chops, and griddled some pancakes. The thing gets really hot and cooks as evenly as the cookware. Overall, there are no complaints about the cooking which is that main purpose of the piece I suppose. Since there is no scrubbing involved in the clean-up, we use it more now than any other piece.

70 stars: It cooks amazingly, but the chips still anger me when I see them. I should have sent it back in attempt to get a discount or free stuff.

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