Monday, January 26, 2009

Reviewed: Stonyfield Farms Organic Nonfat French Vanilla Yogurt

As a little girl, when my Girl Scout troup went to Baskin Robbin's and all the other Scouts ordered Pink Bubblegum ice cream, I always went with plain vanilla. (And occasionally, Gold Medal Ribbon, the best ice cream ever...but that's for another review.) Thankfully, now that I've discovered French Vanilla, I can thank the French for giving me something slightly less boring and lame to order than Vanilla. While vanilla may be a staid and dull, please-and-thank-you kind of flavor, French Vanilla is pink-cheeked and demure, with black lace underwear.

Which is why every time I go to the grocery store and they are all out of the Nonfat Stonyfield French Vanilla, I'm convinced there must be a bunch of skinny, exercise-obsessed, wannabe-interesting, leggings-wearing bitches with the same idea buying up all of my favorite yogurt. Why can't the store manager realize the demand and order more Nonfat French Vanilla and less Peach? And seriously, Key Lime? Gross!

58 Stars.

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W said...

I prefer Freedom Vanilla!