Friday, January 30, 2009

Reviewed: Miss Sixty New Shelly Pump in Brown

Yesterday the lemon that is my apartment was infiltrated by a dust haze from the demolition work going on two floors below me. The dust was so thick I couldn't properly see across my living room, and my body was rebelling from inhaling, so I decided to get the heck out. I could have gone down the street to the cafe on the corner, got a cafe au lait and worked on my book edits, but instead I decided to go to the shoe basement at Century 21 where I purchased some new Miss Sixty oxford heels.

They were marked down to 49.99 from 159.99, so what is that, like, 70%? I hate wasting time doing math.

I shouldn't have bought them. I should go return them right now. The economy sucks and it is getting worse. Everyone is losing their jobs. No one wants to publish books right now. I only make about $150 a week at my current job. Fifty dollars could buy me food or pay down some of my credit card debt. Fifty dollars could feed a bunch of starving kids for a year, I think. Because of all of these reasons, I am a maniac for refusing to relinquish them.

They are just so pretty.

70 Stars.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Cute shoes.

You should have called me when you were over here -- the entrance to my building is literally about 50 feet from the door to Century 21!