Monday, January 12, 2009

Reviewed: CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor

I've never been a giant fan of make-up, especially lipsticks. No matter how carefully I apply them I usually have a ring of color outside my actual lip line or some on my teeth. More to the point, I'm not that big a fan of my mouth/smile so I try to bring as little attention to that area by playing up my eyes and keeping a bare lip. Right.

Anyway, I was in Wal-Mart when I saw a two for one type of deal and thought to myself: "I am about to graduate and get married. I am a woman of the world. It is about time I learned to wear lipstick."

This isn't the thick, waxy lipstick of yesterday. It is more like a less sticky lipgloss. As the directions state it takes only 2 easy, breezy steps to have lipcolor all day. I applied the color from the first tube and waited the approximate thirty seconds before applying the top clear coat that gives you the shine and locks the color in place. Then, I ate a cinnamon roll forgetting what I had done the previous minute. I ran back to the bathroom and found the color still vibrant, but shellacked some more sealer on anyway. I bought two colors, but the color I tried for the day was "nude" and wasn't too far off from my natural color. It took Rusty a moment to notice anything, then he told me I had to wear it every day.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my purchase. I was impressed that is lasted all day despite my attempts of removing it by eating, drinking, and licking my lips. Each color comes with the clear gloss so I left one in my coat pocket and used it throughout the day for that added shine, but as a sort of chapstick, too.

97 stars: 2009, year of the grown-up.

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