Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reviewed: Socially Commenting UPS Carrier

Since I’m finishing my book at home I’m often in contact with these guys (so far, not one female—despite other numerous faults, USPS is much more gender-friendly.) They are all pretty much the same—they ring my doorbell like ten times in a row and then the package is for the person upstairs/next door/never heard of ‘em.

Today when the dude asked for Joe I said, “That’s my husband.” I signed with the cool white pencil my loopy C, he asked me to spell my last name and I did.

“That’s not his name,” he said. I said, “I know. I didn’t take his name.”

He said, “You just can’t appreciate the man's name.”

I wish the exchange didn’t end here, but it did. It was cold and I didn’t have on socks, so I smiled and closed the door.

41 Stars. Whatever, my name is easier to spell and you’re a moron.

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