Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reviewed: Presidential Address

Last night was the presidential address, which in the past has really annoyed me by taking place instead of Gossip Girl, but I had just gotten home from a drink with a friend and Obama's quite nice to look at so I curled up on the couch with Joe and shared a handful of Reese's Pieces. Of course, the mood in the room was so different this time around, like I could spookily feel it through the television. Obama's our celebrity, but it's more than that. It's the way he addresses, not just the Congress, but "Madam First Lady" and looks for Michelle, and she smiles and blows him a kiss and mouths, I love you--and oh my, it's so nice to see an American President so in love with his wife!  

I'm an easy kind of girl these days on politics. I could have just watched the first ten minutes of that speech--ha! the first 30 seconds of the speech--just long enough for that I love you and that's all I need to know. (If you're looking for in depth political analysis--yikes!--go elsewhere.)

All I can say to the rest of the world is--jealous? I am, and I live here! I wanted to be that little girl who got a hug from our gorgeous First Lady. I wanted to be the First Lady. And that made me think, how many little kids in their homes tonight are looking at the television thinking the same thing about Michelle Obama, about Barack Obama. That means that a bunch of little minds are inspired to be something more than 'making a living' or just the generic 'being successful.' Growing up to really be something. Something not generic, something extraordinary. 

Oh, I'm getting cheesy. It must be the sun coming in the window this afternoon, saying, February is almost over, Spring is coming...

100 Stars.  

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