Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reviewed: Nordstrom's

Oh, Nordstrom's, you disappoint me. Yesterday I got your catalog in the mail, which is usually a happy occasion because the pretty pictures of things I can't afford combined with things I can barely afford lulls me into a daydreaming sleepiness.

And usually, thinking about you, Nordstrom's, is a happy occasion. Since you don't have a store in NYC, I only get to see you in Washington when we visit Joe's family, and there you are so beautiful and clean and full of helpful, smiling workers that I would never encounter where I live. You have William Rast jeans that I like to try on for fun because Justin Timberlake made them and named them after his grandfather. You have Frye boots and Flowerbomb perfume and the most glorious selection of tights. You have a coffee stand that sells sugar cookies with thick, pink frosting and orange juice so pulp-y the straw gets clogged.


...the economy is in shreds; here in New York everyone is losing their job and even Manhattan rents are falling so quickly tenants are renegotiating their leases.

It's cool that you included a letter recognizing that "these are challenging times for us all" and promising to "focus on what we can do to make a difference to you, our customer." Which is why it's funny that the very first item on the next page is a darling little Bluemarine dress, printed silk with a delicate ruffle at the neck and an azul satin belt, for the budget-friendly, depression-friendly, challenging-times-friendly price of $1,795. (Belt sold separately for $355.)

"We think of these extraordinary times as yet another chance to earn your business." Signed, Blake Nordstrom, Pete Nordstrom, and Erik Nordstrom.

Blake, Pete, and Eric--excuse me, Erik--I hate you all. 2 Stars.

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