Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reviewed: General Hospital, 2009

Oh, GH, what are you doing? Let's get this straight: I'm no TV-snob. I'm consistently pulled in by any show airing on the CW (last night's Privileged--nice!). I love so much about what makes you bad: the mob bosses, the hitmen, the crazy paralyzed guy who can secretly walk, the deadly airborne poison that was just let loose in the hospital, Sonny Corinthos. I even love it that every character has been on the verge of death multiple times, purely because now that only 3 of the main characters actually have anything to do with the hospital you've gotta work it in somehow.

But now?

The brain-damaged mob boss/former hitman is the person in charge of the airborne poison disaster at the hospital? His ex-girlfriend is "looking for stuff to do" to keep her busy, like running around in leather pants with a gun? The FBI agent/terrible-acting dude is handling the disaster from his office pacing around on a cellphone? And his main contact with the quarantined hospital is the brain-damaged mob boss/former hitman (recently shot in the arm by his ex-girlfriend while he's in love with a dying nurse who is about to get back together with her ex-husband for the safety of hitman's secret baby)? And you killed Leyla?!

Stop it! Even others are noticing.

50 stars, purely because of the above clip, one of the more enjoyable moments.

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