Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reviewed: Ryan Seacrest in Knocked Up

How long have I been saying Seacrest is cool? (Probably not too long, actually. For obvious reasons, I was thinking it in secret.) There are a thousand reasons to enjoy Knocked Up but one of them is to see the rant Ryan Seacrest does on Jessica Simpson…and TRL-type celebrities in general. Maybe outing myself about Seacrest is a little premature, but I can’t help it, this guy is really funny. So what if he whores himself out to annoying celebrity droolfest shows like E! and whatever the frick that radio show is. He's gotta have money to buy Prada summer sandals and get mani-pedi's. I love it, Seacrest, I do. You go.

80 Stars. When Angelina Jolie acted like a total wench to him at the Golden Globes after he asked her about breakfast I wanted to tell her where she could shove her cereal. I wish there was an opinion poll to determine how many people hate Angie more than Seacrest. Oh wait…there is… VoteWho's better?
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