Friday, June 1, 2007

Reviewed: Hidden Palms

I can’t decide how badly I want to kill the person who brought Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson back to TV. On one hand, his new show Hidden Palms looks like it is going to be one of those so-ridiculous-it’s-sickly-entertaining shows. On the other hand, when really annoying, barely-talented people enjoy success I get uncomfortable.

So the new show is pretty much just KW’s old show (Dawson’s Creek) but blatantly attempting to rip-off The O.C. Most of the soundtrack is the same—they even had the balls to snatch The O.C.’s famous Marissa-dies montage song—combined with some of the Garden State soundtrack, ensuring that Teen People is going to talk about how amazing the music on the show is. Even the two lead male actors are O.C. alums, one of them just a different version of Dawson: fugly hair? Check. stupid reason for staying a virgin? Check. artistic aspirations? Check (this time, in the form of a nerderific camera constantly hanging around his neck.)

The show will probably just get worse and worse, but pretend to be a serious drama, with that so-called “smart and witty” KW dialog to spice things up. At some point I’ll have to stop watching. Then I’ll never find out what the mystery is surrounding the one character that kicks a dog.

8 Stars.

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