Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviewed: The Mimi and Flo Show

Now that everyone makes annoying predictions about what kinds of things we’ll be doing with computers in the next decade, I’d just like to say that I don’t care. If it doesn’t have any resemblance to Back to the Future II, I’m not interested. Look, Windows Vista, I’m not celebrating and no one else is either. I’d rather spend my time explaining to an older person what the heck this “you-tube” business is all about.

Even though they sniff at YouTube and reside on their own website, the Mimi and Flo Show is the best kind of tv online: choose your own adventure. It follows two young women from separate backwater small towns in Illinois who move to New York City and meet in an elevator when one of them cuts the cheese. You never get to find out who delt it, but you do get to choose who takes the blame, among other entertaining choices and situations that you can control. The girls are so goofy and small town that it should be insulting to me, an Illinoisian (an Illinoisite? an Illinoiser?)--Mimi has a look-on-the-bright-side approach that extends to things like living in the kitchen of her creepy cousin’s city apartment (he plays video games all day and she cheerfully demonstrates the gas stove to visitors), and Flo wears a serious winter coat circa 1986 Burlington Coat Factory that I’m pretty sure I had in fourth grade—but it’s worth it to see what will happen next.

92.5 Stars. Embrace the Internet and go watch it. Click here!

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