Friday, May 4, 2007

Reviewed: Clinton’s Proposed Bill to Reverse Authorization of Iraq War

Maybe there is no place for politics on a blog that reviews stuff like sweatpants or Showgirls the movie (5 stars), but I figure if Sean Penn can use the words ”moisture”, “blood” and “underwear” in a political speech then anything goes, right?

Four years ago when the war started I was standing in the middle of a hundred other smelly activists, many of them dear friends of mine—maybe not the smelliest ones (and fine, I was probably a little smelly, too. It’s peer pressure, when your friends all use natural deodorant because the ingredients in Secret cause cancer!)—holding a sign and feeling like my heart couldn’t be any heavier. The war had started, we all knew it would turn out bad and all we could do was hold signs. I was the typical hardcore college feminist and I friggin’ loved Hillary Clinton and still do, even though I can’t help but be wooed by you-know-who.

But now, finally, this is good. It’s about time someone removed Bush’s authority. The stories that come out of this war—not the Jarhead-type here’s-the-action-and-it’s-entertaining-but-f*ed-up-isn’t-it stories, but the stories that detail the minute all of that stops, goes wrong, and someone dies—written with such raw details by imbedded reporters (CJ Chivers, for one) are so real, so tender and brutal, so honest that it’s almost too much to know. To imagine being there…to have someone you love there…

Maybe Clinton’s motive is more politics than heart, but that’s okay for me, because I think I’ll go for either at this point if it means someone’s gonna do something about this war.

90 Stars.

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