Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reviewed: American Idol Gives Back

Today I finally got my e-receipt for my donation to Idol Gives Back. It’s probably not in good form to reveal all my amazing charitable donations but since I only did it for the chance to talk to Ryan Seacrest on air I get a free pass. I’m proud of myself (Pat, pat).

Aw geez, you know I kid, right? It was actually Bono that made me do it, and made me cry a little, to boot.

The charities under the Idol umbrella were all ones that struck a chord and always have with me. You can make fun of Idol all you want from your I-don’t-watch-TV platform high in the sky, but to me this was a good example of all the kind-of, sort-of amazing things that can come out of crazy American suburban tv-watching. The crazy viewership of Idol raised over 60 million.

The tv-watching public is beautiful after all, don’t you think.

99 Stars.

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