Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reviewed: Lindsay Lohan Poses as Marilyn

Not only do I own the Mean Girls DVD, but I also saw it in the theater twice. I initially saw it because I am a fan of Tina Fey and enjoyed her work on Saturday Night Live almost as much as I now enjoy Andy Samburg (Hot Rod shoutout). The second time I saw it I took my high school age sister thinking she would pick up on its feel good themes. By the end of the movie, I was wondering if my sister could teach me to dress like Lindsay. Before she dyed her hair blond and got scary skinny she was a beautiful, talented actress.

I'm not going to make any comparisons between her and Marilyn Monroe because, quite frankly, I don't think there are many to be made. However, remembering her acting skills of past, I thought she might do an adequate job recreating the Monroe photos. I was sadly mistaken.

I should mention, the amount of time I spend watching America's Next Top Model has allowed me to become a premier photo critique.

Her hands looked dead in most photos, limp and solid not indicating any fluid movement. Her eyes in many shots lacked emotion. She needed to dig deeper with the scarves, seduce the camera in the ways she certainly knows how (see above photo.) Had these pictures been for the pure amusement of my boyfriend --who commented on his appreciation of her big boobs-- I would understand the lack of feeling. However, these pictures were for New York magazine by a noted photographer. If only Nigel would have shot them.

35 stars: I do appreciate her freckles weren't airbrushed over.


trang said...

I wish there was a way to make this picture post bigger - I smiled when I read the blog and compared it to the photo attached. But I'd be pushed over to outright giggle if I could definately see drool form Lindsey's mouth ;P lovely. yeah, I have Mean Girls too - she was better as a red head.

Susan said...

those pictures are TERRIBLE!! ugh. those are like nudie pictures your boyfriend takes of you with his new digital camera because he wants pictures of your boobs but wants to pretend they are arty so you don't get pissed.

whatever, time to do a movie with full frontal, lindz. we've all seen the goods.