Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fun Boss Movie Day: The Fast & the Furious 3

Yesterday during a depressive funk I watched the second half of the Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (after the embarrassing-to-admit hour I spent on youtube watching kutegirl85 and others' compiled clips of, in their opinion, the best movie kisses of all time. For the record, Titanic is totally overrepresented.) Curiously, all of a sudden I felt a desire for two things I have never wanted before in my entire life: 1) a street-style racecar, and 2) a gun. It was like being an entirely different person. An enlightened person.

Also, this new, enlightened person had a little crush on one of the actors. Not the main character, not Little Bow Wow, not the bad guy, but the bad guy’s sort-of friend, the guy who dies near the end of the movie (…uh…spoiler alert.) I forget what his name was since I was mostly paying attention to his doll-like face and sweet Tokyo-drifting.

I kind of want to know if you can actually drive cars like this. And if cell phones work the way they do in this movie then I need to try and get one of those kind.


Anonymous said...

i feel that Bow Wow's subtle turn as Twinkie is truly a cinematic tour de force. his character is scripted from the bowels of human experience. such as his brilliant turn on the line, "This is for when you blow your wad," as he throws a box of Kleenex to the protagonist. i really picked up on the Oedipal undertones at that part.

Cass said...

...and a touch of vulnerability, didn't you think?

Cass said...
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Anonymous said...

You must download "Tokyo Drift" by the Teriyaki Boyz (iTunes)